Our Plants

Starting from a small rented room, Post 1997 Wings strategically moved its manufacturing to 3 hi-tech plants in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh. It was a conscious decision to move to a SEZ zone where the manufacturing could pick the scale needed to cater to Wings' fast-paced growth.

Infrastructure Mnemonics

The Wings factory houses state-of-the-art machinery that are needed to meet the high-quality standards that Wings has set for itself. Machines like Fluid Bed Drier, Octagonal Blender and Tablet Compressor are a part of the unit. The number of machines have grown steadily over two decades starting with just two machines in 1995 to 2000 machines in 2015. A dedicated R&D department and Quality Control laboratory is an integral part of the infrastructure where scientist, expert pharmacists and engineers working in tandem to maintain world-class standards through manufacturing process. The Wings plants have earned WHO and GMP certifications through the dedicated efforts of the Wings team.

Capacity at Plant 1

  • Toilet cleaner –
    750 lacs liters / annum
  • Floor Cleaner –
    850 lacs liter / annum
  • White disinfectant fluid–
    1000 lac liters / annum
  • Black Disinfectant fluid –
    650 lac liters / annum

Capacity at Plant 2

  • Compressed tablets –
    66600lacs per annum
  • Capsules –
    2700 lacs pr annum
  • Liquid orals –
    408 lacs per annum
  • Ointment & External applicators – tubes –
    782.64 lacs per annum
  • Shaving cream –
    900 lacs / pa
  • Water base –
    950 lacs / pa

Capacity at Plant 3

  • Cream –
    750 lac pcs / per annum
  • Lotion –
    750 lacs / pa
  • Oil –
    650 lacs / pa
  • Shampoo –
    850 lacs / pa
  • Shaving cream –
    900 lacs / pa
  • Water base –
    950 lacs / pa

Corporate Office

The corporate office is the powerhouse of Wings. All the senior management sits here and discharges their duties. Important functions like finance, strategic planning and operations are handled from the corporate office. B2B, Personal Care and Branded Generic are the three divisions that operate from this office.

OTC Office

The OTC office of Wings is strategically located at a business center, in North Delhi. A team of highly qualified professionals, which includes people with B. Pharma, M. Pharma and MBA degrees from reputed institutes, sits in this office. All OTC products operations are handled from this office.

R&D Center

The SAP enabled, Wings Research and development center is located in New Delhi INDIA. The core concept at Wings is to develop medicines through scientific research and maintaining the quality and efficacy of medicines. Apart from preparing Perception medicine, Wings also has focus on OTC and Personal Care Products.

At Wings the three divisions; Research and Development, Quality Assurance and Quality control work in a synchronized fashion to deliver the quality products to end consumes. In addition, a new dimension has been adapted by means of modern analytical tools to methodically support the traditional knowledge.


Quality Policy

Having a defined quality policy to develop quality medicines under controlled system with guaranteed safety and efficacy, Wings always dedicated for cost effective medicines for human welfare.

Quality assurance and quality control

Wings Quality Control and Quality Assurance departments ensure the right quality of raw materials and strictly control the processes with modern technologies in order to manufacture the efficacious medicines. The company is certified for WHO, GMP and ISO quality standards. The analytical lab is well equipped with all modern equipments like HPLC, FTIR, GC, AAS, HPTCL, LCMS, GCMS, etc. to specifically check the quality parameters

Central Warehouse

Located in Delhi, the Central Warehouse of Wings is a 90,000 sq ft, fully temperature controlled building. It's ideally located for fast and easy road network access. The location puts it within a short distance of the carriers, thereby enabling faster delivery of Wings products to different locations in India. The central warehouse has a SAP Supply Chain Management in place, and 57 process are streamlined from this warehouse.
An 80-strong staff works in the central warehouse.